Please note that this year, for the first time, we’ll be offering a full day of facilitated jamming on the 2018 Core Repertoire on Tuesday June 12, before Django Camp  officially gets under way. We call it “Meet, Greet and Play All Day.” It will provide a great way to get yourself connected with other campers and jamming — before things get busy!
You can learn more about this, and other special Tuesday offerings here.

About the Django Camp Core Repertoire

Our “Core Repertoire” consists of a collection of tunes you can use to prepare for Django Camp.  If you don’t learn them, you won’t be alone and you’ll be fine. But if you do it will be that much easier to find people to jam with while you are here. And since the teachers know we’ve recommended these tunes to you they may choose to use them in their classes. So working on these songs well in advance of Django in June is a good investment of time and energy.

Our Core Repertoire is divided into two “tiers”:


Core Repertoire 2018

Tier 1 Tunes

For 2018 Jack Soref has prepared a booklet of 24 Gypsy Jazz Standards available in three formats. You can download it in the format of your choice using the links below:

Download 24 Gypsy Jazz Standards

Then be sure to swing by this page for reference recordings and play-along rhythm tracks for all the tunes in that booklet:

If learning all 24 of these tunes presents you with a big challenge, you may be interested in these guidelines we have prepared for people registered for our Meet, Greet and Play All Day Tuesday offering. Whether you are planning to attend that workshop series or not, it will help you prioritize which tunes to learn and in what order. Download it here: MGPAD-RepPrep

Tier 2 Tunes

Follow any hyperlinked title below to a page where you’ll find lead sheets, play-along rhythm tracks and reference recordings for each of our “Tier 2” Core Repertoire:


Other Resources

We won’t be directly referencing this collection this year, but it’s full of great tunes we’ve used in the past, all notated and compiled by Jack Soref. Feel free to download…and enjoy!
Django in June compilation book.