Greetings, and thanks for your interest in Django in June’s 2023 concerts!

Every year, Django in June brings serious students of the Gypsy jazz tradition to Northampton for a week of djamming and study with masters of the genre.  On Friday and Saturday night those same artists offer us all a grand finale at Northampton’s historic Academy of Music theater. We’ve done our best to describe this year’s program below, but it is safe to say that whether we mention them here or not, many of the other artists we’ll have in town for “Django Camp” will be making appearances at these concerts. Django in June is delightfully unpredictable that way.  Join us!

Both shows start at 7:30
Tickets are $30 advance / $35 at the door



Russell Welch and Dr. Sick
Romain Vuillemin Quartet

Since we can’t all squeeze into Marigny Brasserie on Frenchman St in New Orleans – where Russell Welch (guitar) and Dr. Sick (violin) can usually be found on a Friday night – we’ll have them here at the Academy to kick off our 2023 Django in June concert offerings. Expect un-traditional Gypsy Swing, both instrumental and vocal, in which originals interlace with unique arrangements of European and early jazz songs.

Not their Gypsy Jazz, but heres a yummy taste of what Russell Welch and Dr. Sick cook up together.

Romain Vuillemin’s first visit to Django in June was in 2007, when he participated as rhythm guitarist for another artist. Four years later he launched the Romain Vuillemin Quartet, which has been rocking the clubs of Paris and beyond ever since, reviving the artistic heritage of Django Reinhardt and the iconic Quintette du Hot Club de France. Throughout, Romain’s particular interest has been in the pre-war repertoire and arrangements that put Django and Grappelli on the map in the first place. That map has since lead all the way from Paris to Northampton, and to you. Join The Romain Vuillemin Quartet for a set of classic Gypsy Swing of the first order.

Here’s the Romain Vuillemin Quartet at the Sunset Jazz Club in Paris last year.


Jonathan Stout
Génération Django

Jonathan Stout is a bandleader and guitarist specializing in pre-bebop jazz guitar, with an emphasis in the acoustic rhythm and chord melody guitar of Allan Reuss and the electric single-note style of Charlie Christian. He leads some of the world’s premier swing dance bands, including Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, and the Jonathan Stout Orchestra. Tonight, however, he’ll be joined by other artists on our Django in June roster. Exactly who that will be…not even Jonathan knows yet! It has been said that Stout plays with an “audible smile”. We trust listeners this evening will be sharing it.

Here’s Jonathan playing I Got Rhythm in the style of early jazz guitar great, Allen Reuss.

Django in June 2023 comes to a close with Paris-based Génération Django, who offer a fresh and, dare we say, lush approach to classic Gypsy jazz repertoire. Led by the ever-inventive Edouard Pennes, the ensemble’s triple threat consists of a traditional rhythm section, a string quartet, and three of the finest guitarists playing jazz manouche today: Sebastien Giniaux, Romain Vuillemin and Fanou Torracinta. Each lead guitarist takes his turn as featured soloist on pieces they’ve selected, buoyed by string arrangements by Philippe Maniez, Sébastien Béliah and David Paycha. We’ve long come to expect virtuosity from those who tread in Django’s footsteps, but rarely have their flashes of brilliance been complemented by the depth and richness of color offered by Génération Django.

Here’s a video sample of Fanou Torracinta rehearsing for Génération Django’s soon-to-be-released CD.