Flying in for Django Camp?

Fly into Bradley International (Hartford/Stringfield) if you can. It’s a half hour away, whereas Boston is about a 2 hour drive, and New York is over 3.

If you really have to fly into Boston and want to use public transportation to get to Northampton, check out Peter Pan bus line schedules. If you fly into New York City there are multiple train and bus options you’ll have to research on your own as they change from time to time.

Shuttle and Ride Sharing from Bradley

From Bradley you can either take a shuttle through Valley Transporter or share an Uber or Lyft to the Smith campus. (You will not need a car while on campus at Smith, so if you can avoid renting a car we recommend you do so.)

The cost of an Uber may be lower than the shuttle even if you take it all by yourself. If you share it will turn out to be a pretty cheap half-hour trip. If you want to try your luck with sharing rides from the airport follow these links to the ride boards we’ve prepared. We leave it to you to get in touch with each other and make arrangements. Seems to work. Good luck!

Ride board for arrivals and departures

Directions to our Various Venues

If you are looking for directions to one of our locations on the Smith College Campus, online mapping services seem to work just fine. Here’s all the info you should need to plug in and get you here:

To Our Dorms and Check-in

Home base for us this year will again be Northop House. The official street address for that building (which should work in a GPS) is 49 Elm St, 01063-6322. It is directly across Elm St. (Rte. 9) from one of Smith’s main performance facilities, John M. Greene Hall, so if you can find that, you’re home. Another way to locate it is that Northop is at the corner of Elm St. and Prospect St.

Academy of Music Theater

“The Academy”, as it is known locally, is a short walk from the dorms where we will be staying., right on the edge of the commercial district of downtown Northampton. Easily google-mapable.