This is a classic Musette waltz with too many great versions to count. The chord progression on the A section of this tune is shared with a ton of other waltzes, making it a great one to study. Its inclusion in this year’s Tier 2 repertoire is inspired by Paulus Schäfer and Dominique Paats recording of this waltz, on their CD ‘Rocky’. The link attributed to Joseph Colombo below was a simple enough reading to inform the chart we prepared for Django in June, but listen to as many versions as you can to get a better perspective on all the ways this melody can be interpreted!

Lead Sheets

Indifférence Standard and TAB

Indifférence Standard Bb

Indifférence Standard

Indifférence Chord Shapes

Reference Recordings:

Joseph Colombo

Paulus Schäfer Trio and Dominique Paats