Eventually, here’s where you’ll find the detailed daily schedule for Django Camp 2019. During the event we’ll also post daily schedules on the doors of all the dorms, so whether you prefer digital or ink you’ll be able to see what’s happening.

For those who haven’t been here before, here’s asketch of what you can expect:

Each day includes four time periods:

  • 9 AM – Warm-ups on Core Repertoire.  This 50-minute warm-up may be self-directed by small group or friends, or a larger group, facilitated by someone who has agreed to take that on for us.
  • 10 AM and 1:30 PM – Instrument-Specific Classes. (90 minutes)
    • Guitar classes are organized into 4 different levels. The general rule is that we work on rhythm in the morning session and lead in the afternoon. The main exceptions to that rule are for rhythm specialists (who will always have access to a rhythm class) and the Level 4 guitarists, for whom work on rhythm and lead may blend into one another at the teacher’s discretion
    • The content of the non-guitar classes is at the instructors’ discretion. For any given instrument we usually we have enough teachers to break these classes down as well, either by level of ability or in a way that reflects different students’ interests.
  • 4 PM – Special Topics and Facilitated Jams.  (90 minutes)
    • Special topics can include anything our instructors think may be of interest. French chansons…or songs sung in Romani; a history of Gypsy jazz; performance-related issues; care and feeding of instruments; etc.
    • Facilitated jams for mixed instrumentation are offered for players at different levels of ability

Classes and Levels