Register Here!

There is a form further down the page that we’ll ask you to use to provide us with all the information we’ll need to get you properly registered. But before that, please take a minute to read through your registration options here. Even experienced Django in Djuners will find some new and delectable  items on the menu in 2018, and a slightly different process for registration.

The Basic Django Camp Options

Your DiJ registration starts with tuition, the only mandatory item on the menu. On-campus housing and meals are optional, but recommended. Here are the costs and a bit of description:

Early Arrival and Special Tuesday Offerings

If you would like to arrive on Monday or early Tuesday you’ll want to consider these additional options that are not covered by the “basics” above:

And Don’t Forget the Concerts…

Half-Camp Option

Registering to attend for either the first or second half of camp may, or may not, become an option at a later date. (We give first priority to those who want to be here the whole time.) For more information on the half-camp option, please follow this hyperlink.

Your Payment Options

With respect to paying for whatever you’ve selected from the options above, you have two further choices to make: when to pay, and how to pay.

When do you want to pay?


How Would You Like To Pay?

Our Cancellation Policy

Whichever of the above options you choose, our cancellation policy is as follows:

Ready, set, register!

Now, on to the registration form itself. If you encounter any problems or have questions, we’re here to help. You can reach Andrew and Carolyn at . I (Andrew) am out of the country until January 20th, but after January 22nd you can reach me by phone at (413) 320-8154.