Tuesday Special Offerings

In 2019, we’ll again be offering a selection of special workshops on Tuesday, June 11, before Django Camp officially gets under way. Each is designed to either help you get ready for Camp or to offer you an opportunity you won’t have later in the week. We’ll describe them in greater detail further down the page, but here you have a quick overview:

Before reading on, please note a few things:

  1. These activities are not included in the basic camp tuition, and they are not all the same cost. So please see the cost associated with each in the descriptions below.
  2. These workshops are completely optional, even for early arrivals. So if you would like to arrive Monday and skip these activities Tuesday you are welcome to do so.

With those preliminaries out of the way, please read on to see what we have in mind, and why…

Meet, Greet and Play All Day

Various Instructors — $90

The feedback we receive every year tells us that nothing—not good lessons, not great concerts, not hearty meals or perfect weather, nothing—will make or break your experience of Django Camp more than this one thing: finding “your people” to hang and jam with. Django in June is entirely oriented toward participatory music-making with real live people. Your people are the ones you recognize and know by name, who play more or less at your level, and with whom you share some common repertoire. They are the ones you connect with between classes and in the evening under the stars; they are the ones you may well stay in touch with after DiJ is over, and the ones you’ll look forward to seeing the following year.

We offer Meet, Greet and Play All Day to make sure this piece is in place from before the get-go. The day-long workshop will consist of three 90-minute facilitated jam sessions during which you’ll play through tunes we have made available on the “Get Ready Musically” pages of this website. We’ll organize the groups into 3 levels of ability to insure that everyone moves at an appropriate pace and meets other compatible musicians. You determine your own level, and you are welcome to change levels at any point if you’d like. Here’s how the levels break down:

Meet Greet and Play All Day is designed for mixed instrumentation, so it will provide a great way to not only widen your circle of friends attending Django in June but lend that circle some instrumental variety as well. By the time orientation comes round Tuesday evening you’ll have refreshed your memory on some great jam tunes, warmed up your fingers and met (or re-connected with) your peeps. A smart start to Django Camp, indeed.

Essentials of Jazz Manouche

With Samy Daussat — $75 (This class is full)
With Daniel Givone — $75

Daniel Givone and Samy Daussat will be working primarily with more advanced guitarists during Django Camp. But over the years both have prepared extensive instructional material—books, CD’s, videos—that are specifically oriented toward what we at Django in June would call Level 1 or 2 players. (You can find them here at Djangobooks.com: Givone ; Daussat) If you expect to be attending Level 1 or 2 classes at Django Camp but hate to see all that expertise go to waste, here’s your chance to work face to face with either of these experts in a context that allows them to meet you where you are.

Both Samy and Daniel will have arrived the day before from France, so as a courtesy to them we won’t ask them to teach a full day of classes. Instead, each will offer 2 workshops of 90 minutes each on Tuesday afternoon. We ask you to choose which teacher you’d like to work with for both times — not one class with each — so they can prepare two class sessions that build on each other.

Attendance at these workshops will be limited to 15 participants, so we suggest you register early.

Jo Privat For The Rest of US

Giacomo Smith — $90

Quick…when you think of the instruments used to play la musette and Swing waltzes, what instruments come to mind? If you said accordion and guitar, then you know who “the rest of us” is — everybody else! Accordionists and advanced guitarists are welcome to attend this daylong workshop, but Giacomo’s mission is to get everyone in the game, and especially those who typically sit out the waltzes: wind/reed players, violinists, mandolin players…yeah, you!

On the 100th anniversary of his birth we are going to give special attention this year to the work of accordionist Jo Privat and we want “the rest of you” to get in on the fun—and the challenge—this music offers. Well before Django in June we will be providing the music to  several compositions associated with Privat and we invite you to join clarinetist Giacomo Smith to spend the day getting ready to jam where you are least expected.

This day-long three-part workshop will be oriented toward players who are either really good readers or who have put in the time learning the tunes in advance. You’ll spend time exploring the structure of the progression, the melody itself, and your options for embellishment and improvisation. Giacomo will then send you forth into your week of Django Camping with deeper roots in the Gypsy jazz tradition—and wider horizons to explore.

Violin with Aaron Weinstein

Aaron Weinstein — $90

Aaron Weinstein is a world class jazz violinist, but he’s slated to work primarily with mandolinists at DiJ 2019. That’s exactly the kind of situation our Tuesday offerings are meant to address, and so they shall! If you are a violinist who would like to spend a day with Aaron Weinstein – swapping notes, so to speak here’s your chance.

Aaron has his own list of topics he’d like to cover over the course of the day but, at his request, the class content will also be informed by what the participants are interested in exploring. The day-long workshop (three 90-minute sessions) will be limited to 12 participants and everyone will be given the opportunity beforehand to email Aaron with their primary interests. We’ll fill registered participants in on the details of that process closer to the event. 

Aaron will orient the workshop toward experienced improvisers, but he adds this interesting caveat: “When I was young I was in the room for all sorts of workshops and sessions that were way over my head and yet I still got something out of the experience.” So if you are a skilled improviser, bring your fiddle and bow. If you think yourself less skilled you are welcome to attend, but be sure to pack that perspective as well.