Tcha’s Class Descriptions

Rhythm Classes

As in my opinion, rhythm and harmonie are the most important things in swing, I am ready to say, I am more interested in helping people to be confident rhythm players then soloists. The rhythm section is the mountain; the solo is beautiful flowers on the mountain side. My dad, who has been rhythm player for Koen De Cauter, Fappy Lafertin, de Piotto’s and me  for many, many years once told me, when I was a kid, that I should not even think about how and what to solo before I could accompany the tune confidently and well. I will be looking at voicings, strokes, colours, dynamics, tempo choice, stylistic choices depending on when a tune was made, what to avoid (in my opinion), what to make sure to do (in my opinion).

Lead Classes

With some simple exercises, I’ll be working on: