Spouses and Kids

If you are considering coming to Django in June with your spouse, or kid, or “significant other” and you are wondering how that might work at Django in June, here are some things to consider:


Some people seem to believe that the tuition cost for Django in June pays for classes. Following from that assumption, they then assume (or at least hope) that their spouse, kid, or even they themselves can attend Django in June without paying the tuition fee so long as they don’t plan to attend classes.

The reality, however, is that the tuition simply allows us to create the “scene” that is Django in June. It pays for the artists to be here, for Smith facilities, for all sorts of administrative expenses, etc. Without all those elements, the event would not exist. So regardless of why someone wants to be here or how they plan to use their time, we require that everyone contribute by paying full tuition.

Occasionally the situation arises that a musician wants to attend with their spouse, but the spouse has no real interest in Django in June. That person plans to spend his or her time in the area biking, shopping, hanging with friends or relatives…whatever. In such situations perhaps your best option is to stay off-campus and only register the musician for Django in June.


If both members of a couple do want to register and stay on campus together, the main things to know with respect to housing are that:


For people who only intend to be on campus part-time, the important thing to know about the meal plan  is that we can only offer it as a package deal. Unless you are going to be eating all (or most of) your meals on campus, it probably makes more sense to eat in town, which is very nearby.