10 am Guitar Level 4

Sat. 10:00 Guitar – Level 4 (SK)

Duckett Living Room June 17, 2017 10:00 am - 11:30 am

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Serge Krief

With  Serge Krief – Serge Krief is recognized not only as a top level musician in the jazz manouche idiom (no small feat), but also as one of its greatest teachers. Many many world class guitarists (some of whom have been on Django in June’s teaching staff over the years) have studied with him. This year, our level 4 students will get the chance to study intensively with him.  Serge’s classes are not designated as being devoted to rhythm or lead. Attend one of his classes and you get what he has to offer!

Level 4 guitar classes will be overly challenging for most Django in June attendees. Students at any level of ability are welcome to observe, but please do not bring an instrument or participate in any way.