Note to Non-Guitarists Regarding the Daily Schedule

Because of the number of guitarists at Django in June, organizing them is more complicated than it is for the non-guitarists, who have it much easier schedule-wise. As a general rule, for the first two class periods of the day (at 10 and 1:30) non-guitarists will simply want to go to their assigned building, where things can be organized by the teacher(s) in a simpler, more personal way.

For 2018 those building / room assignments will be listed here once they have been determined:


Third period classes—Facilitated Jams and Special Topics—are most often intended for mixed instrumentation. So even non-guitarists will probably want to use some version of our schedule to decide what to do at that time of day. We post printed schedules on the front door of every building at least a couple times per day. But the online schedule is handy once you get the hang of it, so we’d suggest you read the intro to that back on the Schedule page and familiarize yourself with that option as well.