Half Camp

photo: Jeffrey MacMillan

photo: Jeffrey MacMillan

We understand that not everyone can get away for the entirety of Django Camp, but half camp offers you the chance to get in on at least some of the action.

The two broad options are:

First-Half Attendance: arrive Tuesday (or even Monday if you wish) and depart Friday morning

Second-Half Attendance: arrive after 5:00 on Thursday evening and stay through Sunday morning

Either of these options includes an evening of jamming followed by two full days of Django Camp, which amounts to roughly half of the event. The biggest difference between the two halves is what you can expect in the evening. Monday through Thursday our evenings are devoted primarily to jamming and socializing. On Friday and Saturday, however, the early part of the evening is devoted to concerts featuring our guest artists at the Academy of Music.


Of the items below, the only one which is not optional is the tuition, which pays for the artists on our staff and other costs of producing the event.

These Variations Will Work (just ask):

  • If you want housing, but only for 2 nights, that’s fine. (We’ll reimburse you for the extra night included in the standard package.)
  • If you want to attend another full day of camp, you can do so for an additional cost of $150.
  • An additional full day of meals is $50.
  • An additional night of housing is $50.

These Variations Won’t Work (please don’t ask):

  • Paying less than the half camp tuition. Your arrival time is flexible, but the cost of tuition is fixed.
  • Purchase of partial days of meals (Very expensive and complicated. We suggest you eat in town if you don’t want the full meal plan.)

Our Cancellation Policy

  • For cancellations during April, there is a $200 cancellation charge. The remainder of any other payments will be refunded.
  • For cancellations during May, 50% of your tuition and other payments are guaranteed to be be refunded.
  • After June 1st, no refunds can be guaranteed.

Ready, set, register!

Now, on to the registration form itself. If you encounter any problems or have questions, we’re here to help. You can reach Andrew and Carolyn at djangojune15@gmail.com. You can reach Andrew by phone at (413) 320-8154.