Half Camp

(Please Note: The information you see here and on most pages throughout the website is for Django in June 2018. We’ve left it here so people can see how we have done things in the past. The website will be fully updated for 2019 by the first week of January.)

Half Camp registration for Django in June

photo: Jeffrey MacMillan

photo: Jeffrey MacMillan

Update as of May 4th, 2018…
We will leave the information below available and we invite you to let us know about your interest in attending only half of Django Camp (just in case), but at this point it is looking increasingly unlikely that we will be able to offer the half-camp option in 2018. Our first priority is to offer our participants the quality of experience they’ve come to expect at Django in June and our teacher/student ratio is already at or near where we would like it to be. For select instruments we will allow a few more registrants over the next 6 weeks, but we will reserve the available space those who can be here for the whole time.

Although we are thrilled at this year’s high registration it gives us no pleasure to turn anyone away, so please accept our apology that we can’t be more accommodating this year. Although we ask everyone to respect the fact that the event is not open to drop-in visits or jamming through Saturday afternoon, we do kick open the door (figuratively) and welcome drop-in jammers after 5:30 pm on Saturday. So if you are not too far away to join us that evening for a show and a night of jamming, please do!


We understand that not everyone can get away for the entirety of Django Camp, so in the past we have always been able to offer the option of partial attendance to as many people as we can. We hope to be able to do so again in 2018, but please understand two things:

Please understand that we can’t be infinitely flexible and offer customized registration options to fit every schedule. But we may be able meet you (literally) halfway by offering either of these options:

Either of these options includes an evening of jamming followed by two full days of Django Camp, which amounts to roughly half of the event. The biggest difference between the two halves is what you can expect in the evening. Monday through Thursday our evenings are devoted primarily to jamming and socializing. On Friday and Saturday, however, the early part of the evening is devoted to concerts featuring our guest artists.


The cost you see below are based on 2017 and are included here as estimates of what you can expect in 2018 should we offer the half-camp option. Of the items below, the only one which is not optional is the tuition, which pays primarily for the artists on our staff:

These Variations Will Work (just ask):

  • If you want housing, but only for 2 nights, that’s fine. (We’ll reimburse you for the extra night included in the standard package.)
  • If you want to attend another full day of Camp, you can do so for an additional cost of $150.
  • An additional full day of meals is $50
  • An additional night of housing is $50

These Variations Won’t Work (please don’t ask):

  • Paying for less than 2 full days of Camp. Your arrival time is flexible, but the cost of tuition is fixed.
  • Purchase of partial days of meals. (Very expensive and complicated. We suggest you eat in town for that.)


Ready to Register?

Once the half-camp option is option, the process for registration is the same as for anyone else. Just fill in the registration form you’ll find at the bottom of the Registration page. Carolyn will be in touch with you to let you know whether we can accommodate you and, if so, proceed with finalizing your registration.