Level 3 Facilitated Jams with Angelo Debarre

During the 10-11:30 time period every day, Angelo Debarre will offer a Facilitated Jam for Level 3 guitarists. There will be too many guitarists working at that level for everyone to participate as a player, so active participation (as a player) at these jams will be oriented towards guitarists at the higher end of the Level 3 guitar-skill spectrum, as per the guidelines below. Others are welcome to observe. We ask you to sign up in advance to either play or observe so as to avoid overcrowding.

Guidelines for Level 3 facilitated jams with Angelo Debarre

We ask all prospective participants to respect the guidelines below and decide for yourself whether observing, playing, or skipping these jams altogether would work best for you and the group as a whole:

If you’d like to participate as either a player or observer at one of these facilitated jams with Angelo, please sign up in advance. You’ll find the sign up sheet here: