Fleur d’Ennui

Django recorded this, his own composition, in February, 1943 with le Quintette du Hot Club de France made up of Gérard Lévéque (clarinet) Eugène Vées (rhythm guitar) Jean Storne (bass) and Gaston Léonard (drums.)

Lead Sheets

This song is open to a variety of rhythmic interpretations and we invite to to explore them whilst jamming at Django in June this summer. Here’s a basic lead sheet courtesy of Jack Soref.

Fleur d’Ennui Standard and Tab

Fleur d’Ennui Standard

Fleur d’Ennui Bb Standard

For Guitar

Thanks go once again to Benjamin Givan and Jack Soref (who edited and provided  tablature for Givan’s  original) for this contribution to your stash of Django transcriptions. This Django Reinhardt solo is, of course, from the 1943 recording you can hear above. The solo starts right around the 1 minute mark.

Fleur d’Ennui Django solo transcription

For Violin

This tune provides the title track for a contemporary-classic CD by the Fapy Lafertin Quintet featuring Tim Kliphuis on violin. We’re providing transcriptions for both violinists and bass players from this recording. But first, just listen:

Courtesy of Nick Norman, here’s a transcription of Tim’s violin solo, beginning around the 3:19 mark.

Fleur d’Ennui Tim Kliphius solo transcription

For Bass

The bassist on that Fapy track is Simon Planting. Simon met Fapy in the early 1980’s and, as you can hear in the interview below, he credits the Sinti  master with teaching him a lot about the role of the bass in Gypsy jazz. Simon was with the Robin Nolan Trio at the very first Django in June—a small one-day affair that took place back in June of 2004—and has been back several times since. Below you’ll find Jack’s sample bass line for “Fleur d’Ennui” based on Simon’s playing on the Fapy recording. Then we invite you to have a glass of wine and enjoy the interview Patrus did with Simon while the two were here in 2012. A votre santé!

Fleur D’Ennui Simon Planting bass line transcription