spaceSome time in January every year, this website is more or less updated. We have our dates and know what dorms we’ll be in. We’ve hired most of the artists who will be with us come June.  We’re ready to start taking registrations. This post is being written at the very moment I’m describing. Let the wild rumpus start!

But between Djanuary and Djune, things will continue to develop. Questions of broad interest will arise. More artists will be added to the roster.  Jack will have new lead sheets for you to bring up to speed. Carolyn may deign to inform you as to the cacao content she prefers in her chocolate, should you want to bribe her.

For all that and more, watch this space. I’m still learning how to drive this website, so we’ll see together how often I stall or careen off into the bleachers. But I’m thinking this will be the spot to announce this or that—hands a-waving, highlighter drawn—and then we’ll archive it elsewhere on the site if necessary.

Two important spots where such archiving will be happening are places you should visit, and revisit, anyway:

  • The Frequently Asked Questions page. Please scan through that before contacting us directly to ask a question that might have been asked many times before. Chances are pretty good it has and you’ll get an immediate, accurate response there. (Then, don’t hesitate to contact us if need be.)
  • The Get Ready Musically page. That’s where you’ll find an ever-expanding library of resources meant to help you get the most out of your experience as a musician at Django Camp.


If you haven’t done so recently, why don’t you swing by those two pages. Trust that there’s more on the way in coming months. And you’ll hear about it first right here.


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